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YP 300

Powerful, yet easy to use!
Galileo YP 300 is equipped wih exclusive VEGA (Versatile Engine Generator Audio) Sound Technology, designed and engineered in Italy, providing incredible expressive capabilities in an easy-to-use interface. YP 300 feature authentic Grand-Piano style Hammer Action, powerful digital amplification, and the most requested digital piano features. The result is a piano which provides you the true joy of playing piano!
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Finally, a high-performance digital piano that won’t break the bank! 

Galileo YP300 uses exclusive piano technology – providing all the subtle colors and expressiveness of a traditional acoustic piano. There’s a Grand Hammer Action keyboard which feels fluid and consistent under your fingers. There are 16 professional quality sounds which can be layered as well as 4 bass sounds which can be added in split mode. There’s a convenient metronome and two headphone jacks for private practice. The YP300 has a complete set of connections including USB – so connecting to computers and external devices is a breeze. The front panel allows quick and easy access to all your piano’s features The YP300 has an elegant Italian-style console cabinet with front legs and toe-block as well as a convenient sliding key cover. It’s available in attractive dark rosewood or high gloss black. The Galileo YP300: outstanding performance that won’t break the bank!



Keyboard 88 Keys - Grand Hammer Action
Generation VEGA - MAF Technology (Multiple Acoustic Feel)
Polyphony 128 Notes max
Sounds 20 Sounds
Touch Sensitivity Soft, Normal, Hard, Fixed
Reverb Effects 4 types, assignable with separate sends
Modulation EffectsModulation Effects 4 types, assignable with separate sends
Controls Main Volume, Balance/Brilliance, Split, Demo, Play/Pause, Stop, Rec, Metronome, Tempo/Data, Preset and Variaion selection, Reverb (send edit), Efx (send edit), Transposer, MAF (3 preset), Touch
Menu Function Global Tune, Temperament (6), Metronome volume, Decay envelope, Transposer lower, Transposer upper, Midi menu, Backup Mode, Speaking Help, Standby mode
Keyboard mode Whole, Dual (volume/balance adjustable), Split (programmable)
Recorder 3 Tracks, 11000 events, Metronome
Demo 8 demo songs
Display 3 digit x 7 Segments LED Display
Pedal Damper, Soft, Sostenuto
Connections 2 Headphone Jacks, Audio In L/R, Audio Out L/R, Pedal Connector, MIDI (In, Out, Thru), USB device
Internal Amplification 40W + 40W (Digital)
Cabinet Features Sliding Key Cover, Headphone Hanger
Dimensions (WxHxD) mm 513 x 870 x 1382 - 20.19 ” x 40.86” x 54.40 ”
Included accessories Bench, Cleaning kit
Colours / Finishes Black high gloss, Black HD polymer
Weight 62 Kg - (137 lbs)




Modern and Sophisticated DESIGN 

The YP300 Piano has a modern, elegant design with the perfect balance of form and function. Sure to enhance your home decor, this cabinet features console-style legs with toe block, as well as an elegant folding music rest, sliding key cover, pedal cross piece and modesty panel. You’ll love the satin dark-rosewood finish or exquisite high gloss ebony.



Simple, quick-access interface

The centrally located control panel for the YP300 and GYP300 has all the piano features right at your fingertips. You’ll find one-touch access to sounds, splits and layers.  You can also control more advanced functions including the “mix” of your sounds and the tempo of your metronome. lit.



Galileo’s Grand Hammer Action provides authentic grand-piano feel

The Grand Hammer Keyboard is designed to integrate perfectly with  VEGA sound technology. Each key is meticulously weighted so you experience a fluid and consistent touch across the keyboard. This gives the sense you’re playing a traditional acoustic grand piano keyboard. 



A complete system of connections.

All Galileo pianos have a complete set of versatile connections – so enhancing and connecting your piano to external devices is a breeze. There’s standard audio inputs and outputs – but also a full set of MIDI, headphones, and even USB – which can easily connect to computers, tablets and tons of 3rd party music applications.


Sound Generator

VEGA: Exclusive Sound Technology designed and developed in Italy.

VEGA  stands for “Versatile Engine Generator Audio” –  an advanced new sound technology created by Viscount to give your home, office or stage the authentic sound and feel of the traditional piano. This new VISCOUNT  technology is built upon DSPAT (Digital Signal Processor Array Technology). That’s fancy technical stuff, but it’s  so powerful, it can simultaneously provide incredible processor speed as well as ultimate sound fidelity and professional quality sound effects like Chorus and Reverb and the special MAF (Multiple Acoustic Feel) a combination of String Sympathetic Resonance and dull sound generated from pedal action. Piano Mechanics action sound. VEGA captures your precise key movements – allowing ultimate control over all aspects of your piano performance.. Most importantly, VEGA  is able to reproduce the highest sound definition– not only of a great concert grand piano, but also many other fun-to-play instrument sounds.



An enhanced sound system and amplifier to create a full and rich sound experience.

The YP300 Piano has four speakers  -  two tweeters and two woofers – which are smartly configured inside the cabinet. A class D digital amplifier is matched and tuned to the speakers to create the most efficient and resonant sound diffusion. The result is a full and rich sound suitable for almost any performance environment.