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Chorum 10

Your organ, your sound

Viscount's Chorum 10, with its 98 voices, and convenient stoptab arrangement, provides everything at your fingertips to experience the latest sampled sound technology available in a digital organ. This instrument offers the latest state of the art of the technololgy, all at a great budget price! The interface is very simple to use. The renewed samples are stereo to perfectly simulate a real pipe configuration. The sound quality is excellent thanks to the world acclaimed Viscount ARTEM Digital Sampling Tecnology. There is a ‘split’ function and four organ styles (Baroque – Barock – Romantic - Symphonic) with independent voice volume regulation. The instrument is enriched with internal song library and orchestral voices. The keyboard offers an unique touch feeling, that emulates the "Tracker Action", i.e. the keyboard sensation of real pipe organ. Whether you are a quality-conscious church or an organist on a limited budget, the Chorum line is the perfect choice.

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The Chorum 10 is a 1 manual organ with 84 speaking stops and 14 orchestral voices. The organ is built in beautiful, high quality console. It’s the ideal instrument for the discerning student or church on a limited budget.

Viscount's Chorum Line utilises the newly developed ARTEM technology (Advanced Real TEchnology Music), a powerful  sampled sound generator that is capable of faithfully reproducing the authentic sound and performance of a traditional pipe organ.

This unique platform faithfully reproduces pipe sounds from the world's most famous styles of organ building. You can easily select the organ of your choice and create your own preferred audio environment through acoustic modeling.

You simply can't find better value for money when considering sampled sound technology than you have in the Viscount Chorum 10 



_____SPECIFICATIONS (Available=●)


Technology ARTEM technology
Manuals 61 keys
Keyboard Midi Velocity
Polyphony 192
Register Control Tilt Tab
Internal Amplification 2 x 40W
Speakers 2 fullrange + 2 tweeters
Expression Pedals


Pedal 3: Prinzipal 16' - Oktave 8' - Posaune 16'
Manual I 7: Gamba 8' - Bourdon 8' - Vox Celeste 8' - Offenflöte 4' - Nasard 2 2/3' - Zimbel III - Trompete 8'
Manual II 11: Prinzipal 16' - Prinzipal 8' - Rohrflöte 8' - Oktave 4' - Spitzflöte 4' - Nasard 2 2/3' - Superoctave 2' - Terz 1 3/5' - Mixtur IV - Trompete 8' - Oboe 8'
Orchestral Sounds Grand Piano - Strings 1 - Strings 2 - Choir 1 - Choir 2 - Harpsichord - Harp - Celesta - Chimes - Clarinet - Oboe - Trumpet - Flute - Pan flute
Orchestral Selector  5
Total Classic Voices 21*4
Total Orchestral Voices 14
Styles Baroque1 - Baroque2 - Romantic - Symphonic
Reverb with slider to adjust effect intensity
Tremulant Speed and Depth adjustable
Temperaments Equal; Meantone; Werkmeister; Kirnberger; Pythagorean


General Pistons 12 organized in 2 memory banks
Volume Controls Master Volume - Balance between Bass-Man.I/Man.II - Reverb
Additional Controls Split (set point) - Man.I Octave Up & Man.II Octave Down - Organ Style - track 1&2 Rec, Start/Stop
Sequencer Rec - Start/Stop - Memory Selector (USB/INTERNAL)
Transposer +3/-3 semitone
Pitch -100/+100 Cent/Semitone
Split Programmable
Song Library 61 classic songs including some for wedding ceremonies
Demo 6 Demo songs


Midi In - Out - Thru
Audio Output R,L/Mono
Phone Output
Rear Panel Pitch - Headphones - 2 Outputs (L/R) - Expr.Pedal input - MIDI - Mains in
Connections Front Panel: Phones, Audio out (L/R), USB Host, USB Device, MIDI OUT, MIDI IN


Cabinet Features Elegant wooden console , music rack, key-lock, roll cover
Colours / Finishes Light oak simulated wood, Dark oak simulated wood, Light oak real wood veneer (Deluxe), Dark oak real wood veneer (Deluxe)
Optional Stand with expression pedal
Dimensions without music desk and pedalboard (WxHxD) cm 98 x 94 x 45 - 38.5 x 37.0" x 17.7"
Dimensions (WxHxD) cm 98 x 112 x 45 - 38.5 x 44.1" x 17.7"
Weight 59 kg / 130 lbs




Fine Italian Craftsmanship at an Exceptional Price

The Chorum 10's elegant real wood console also comprises a music desk, roll top cover with key lock, and optional matching bench. 



The useful Expression Pedal that allow you a complete control over the volume for Manual II .


User Interface

The rocker tabs and many buttons provide effective control over the entire instrument.

The rocker tabs that are used to control the organ's voices have been ergonomically designed to respond quickly and easily to the demands of the player. The buttons are onveniently located on the front of the instrument for easy control.




High-Quality Tracker Action Keyboards

Chorum 10 is equipped with 61 notes "Tracker Action" keyboard.  We understand the importantance of having the right feel to the organ keyboard so have taken the utmost care in using the very best components. The feel of the keys conveys the touch of a true Tracker Action. When using MIDI and Orchestral sounds, the keys instantly become touch sensitive and give the player the ability to be more expressive musician that you are. 



Sound Generation

Powered by Viscount's newly designed ARTEM Sampling Technology

The entire CHORUM line uses proprietary ARTEM technology (Advanced Real TEchnology Music).

- Advanced, we have advanced our sampling and computation capabilities.

- Real, the resulting sound is exactly like a real pipe organ.

- Technology, we use state of the art digital sound generation technology.

- Music, for more than 100 years music has been our passion.

This powerful  sampling sound generator has been designed by Viscount in Italy to faithfully reproduce the authentic sound and performance of a traditional pipe organ. 

The Chorum 10 is equipped with 84 sampled stops arranged in four banks, each with 21 own unique set of voices. These enable you to choose between Baroque, North German Baroque, Romantic and Symphonic. You can easily select the various styles as well as create your preferred acoustic environment.

The Chorum 10 offers a choice of eight different acoustic room models. You can therefore select the optimum ambience for your style of playing by matching the acoustic environment to the historic organ of your choice, all at the touch of a button.



High Fidelity Amplification

The internal amplification of the Chorum 10 has been designed to give you an incredibly large and robust sound right out of the box.  It's also designed to give you remarkable sonic excellence right down to the lowest frequencies, even whilst set at the lowest volumes for small spaces.  The 4 speakers are driven by a 2 channel amplification system:  2 x 40 Watt

Audio outputs are available to connect additional external amplification, should this organ be installed in a church, or to give an even more pipe-like experience in the home.  The Chorum 10 also includes a headphone socket should you ever need to play in total silence.



Extensive Connections

An extensive selection of external connections is smartly and conveniently located underneath the keyboard. In addition to the standard connections, MIDI In-Out, headphones and stereo inputs, there is also USB pen drive to save and upload sound settings, and for MIDI song recording and playback. 


Colours / Finishes

Available with different colours-finishes:

Dark oak real wood veneer (deluxe)

Light oak real wood veneer (deluxe)



The Chorum 10 has the same sounds of the Cantorum VI Plus. Click here to watch the Cantorum VI Plus videos.



Chorum 10 and Cantorum VI Plus Stops and Voices.pdf




Oktave 8'

Posaune 16'


Manual I

Gamba 8'

Bourdon 16'

Vox Celeste 8'

Offenflöte 8'

Nazard 2-2/3'

Zimbel III

Trompete 8'

Manual II

Prinzipal 16'

Prinzipal 8'

Rohrflöte 8'

Oktave 4'

Spitzflöte 4'

Nasard 2 2/3'

Superoktave 2'

Terz 1 3/5'

Mixtur 4f.

Trompete 8'

Oboe 8'