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Chorale 3 Deluxe

Ideal either for practice at home or music classrooms and for churches, Chorale 3 provide simplicity and immediacy combined with quality of construction and richness of sounds.
The great user interface by the graphic display menu, the wide palette of organ beautiful sounds and orchestra voices, the flexibility of the instrument accomplish the wish the most demanding player.
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The Chorale 3 features a modern and compact furniture design, which  fits perfectly into almost any environment. This Instrument has  2 "Tracker Touch" keyboards and complete pedalboard. There are 38 well registers, a library of 170 unique voices and six different organ styles, selectable through a wonderful graphic display. You can choose from a wide selection of magnificent organ samples and orchestral voices - or create countless combinations; these can be stored in the 48 memories  and easily recalled when needed. The Chorale 3 was developed with proprietary technology specifically designed by Viscount’s laboratories to faithfully and authentically reproduce the sound and expression of organ pipes: in addition  its reverb algorithms give you the ability to create any sound effect you could want, allowing you to simulate environments of all sizes, from small churches to large cathedrals. Perfectly suited for students of all abilities, the Chorale 3 offers ease-of-use combined with an incredible richness of sound – in a high quality design. 



Manuals 2 x 61 keys - tracker touch keyboard
Pedalboard notes 30 notes straight or straight concave
Expression Pedals 2
Orchestral Selector  12
Register Control Tilt Tab
Styles 6
General Pistons 6
Memory Bank 8
Controls Set - Cancel - A.P. - Tutti - ENC - HR
Couplers I/P - II/P - II/I
Transposer +5/-6
MIDI enable Yes
Volume Master - Man. I - Pedal - Reverb - Volume control for each stop
Display graphic 128x64 dots
Tremolo (Man. I e II) Depth/Speed separately adjustable
Reverb 8 Types
Adjustable Ensemble Effect Adjustable
Historic Temperaments Equal - Kirnberger - Werckmeister - Pythagorean - Meantone - Vallotti
Keyboards Inversion Man.II with Man.I
Keyboard Midi Velocity Programmable
5 Bands Equalizer Yes
Programmable Output Routing Yes
Programmable Midi Yes
Demo Songs Yes
Speakers 2 tweeter + 2 mid-range + 1 subwoofer
Midi In, Out, Thru Yes
Phone Output Yes
Aux Input Yes
Line Output Yes
Double Stereo Line Out Programmable
Reverb Output Programmable
Amplified Stereo Output Optional
Dimensions (WxHxD) cm 126,4 x 119,1 x 96,6 - 49.76" x 46.88" x 38.03"
Dimensions without music desk and pedalboard (WxHxD) cm 126,4 x 119,1 x 56,8 - 49.76" x 46.88" x 22.40"
Cabinet Features Wood veneered matt polished in dark or light oak with matching bench
Colours / Finishes Light oak real wood veneer (Deluxe), White high gloss




Buttons, knobs, pistons and display give you complete control of the instrument.

The register on/off buttons, knobs, pistons and all other controls are ergonomically arranged to respond quickly and accurately to the demands of the player.  A Side-located display has an understated presence that is well integrated with the instrument – providing unlimited possibilities for customization and control.



A "Tracker Touch" style keyboard with exceptional tactile resopnse

Knowing the importance of the classic-organ keyboard, we’ve taken the utmost care in selecting the absolute best components. The mechanics of the keys gives the impression of a true “Tracker Action”, by obtaining the speed of actuation of the keys – making it possible to feel the “Tracker Touch” effect. i.e. the correlation between the “touch” of the organist and the transient attack of each virtual pipe.  The result is a comfortable and consistent feeling sure to satisfy the organ purist.


Sound Generation

The entire CHORALE line uses proprietary sound technology specifically designed by Viscount in Italy to faithfully reproduce the authentic sound and performance of the traditional organ – including acoustic effects and reflection characteristics of a small church all the way up to a large catherdral.

These organs faithfully reproduce the sound and expression of a traditional pipe organ.

These organs have been selected for use in some of the most prestigious and demanding installations with special pipes prepared for this purpose. 



A Flexible and Faithful Amplification System.

Built inside is a powerful and balanced sound system which reproduces high-fidelity sound - while allowing  you the opportunity to equalize and modify the output according to your own taste. Sound can also be modified depending on the characteristics of the environment where the instrument is placed.