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Accupipe Cm100

CM100 with Accupipe Technology is the supreme instrument for every classic organ professional installations. For the first time it is possible to recreate the setup path followed by organ expert cratftsmen; the sound of the organ can be fine tuned to the church or the ambient in which it has to be installed, as it was done in the past from the organ makers. The sounds of CM100, thanks to the Accupipe Technology, are created and not recorded, taking care of every detail of the pipes, such as size, air pressure, and so on. Even in the need of a mixed installation with a mechanical pipe organ, for example to integrate new or damaged parts, CM100 can be adapted to the original organ timbre, and can be controlled via MIDI from a console. It is possible for example to solve the typical problems of reed voices reinforcement or pedal voices substitution. CM100 can control a series of power amps and multiple speaker systems, up to 6 channels, to recreate a complex and wide sound spectrum. CM100 is also the best choice for the professional musician needing to have real pipe organ sound for its work in a limited space. You will not find frequencies or sampling rates in our specs, CM100 and Accupipe are simply creating, not reproducing the pipe organ sound.
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Sound Generation Technology AccupipeTM Acoustic Modeling by Viscount Compatible with pipe organs
Register Control Tilt Tab
Internal Amplification N/A
Total Voices 12 freely customizable on indipendent manual
Voices families Principals, Flutes, Reeds, Bourdons, Mixture, Cornetts, Strings, Detuned
Voices Library Up to 213 internal voices (depend on custom software release) All voices can be freely assigned to MIDI channels and manuals
Additional Controls General Volume level, Reverb level. Set, 8 voice memory and cancel buttons
Voices Memories 8 memory banks with 8 user configurations each
Operational Modes Single Manual (whole) or Multi-manuals (split) with direct access button
Register Function Set/Cancel All parts can be played individually or in combinations
Midi Complete Midi implementation (IN, OUT, THRU)
Audio Output 6 different Windchest configuration available on each single voice. Up to 6 outputs freely assignable.
Display 2*40 chars alphanumeric backlit LCD
Connections 6 phone jack for line outputs, Expression pedal jack, Headphones, MIDI in-out-thru, service RS-232
Dimensions (WxHxD) mm 390 x 170 x 250 - 15.35" x 66.92" x 98.42"
Weight Kg 4 / Lbs 8,81