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Classic Organs


The classic organ fantastic tale.

For hundreds of years the classic organ has offered the musician ultimate power and creativity.  Viscount now makes it possible for organists around the world to experience the thrill of performing in the world's finest cathedrals and venues - right from their Viscount organ.

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  • VS.15A Sub

    VS.15A SUB is a sub-woofer specially created by Viscount to extend the depth of sound in organ amplification systems. With integral processed amplifier and a sturdy, lightweight structure, the VS.15A SUB combines with the other Viscount organ speaker systems to create user-friendly, great quality systems, guaranteeing top reliability even in the most critical situations. The VS.15A SUB is equipped with a powerful 625 Wrms (1250 Wpeak) amplifier Class D (digital amplifier) complete with an anti-clipping device for automatic prevention of amplifier saturation and the consequent signal distortion. The VS.15A SUB has a crossover filter allowing selection of the frequencies to be sent to other speakers systems; it could not be easier to produce extremely efficient amplification systems with response reaching down to the lowest frequencies (20Hz). Learn More
  • A.W.K. Keyboard

    VISCOUNT is proud to introduce “A.W.K.” - a newly designed ADVANCED WOODEN KEYBOARD - specifically designed for organists who demand the highest performance keyboard action. The AWK is an exclusive product of VISCOUNT INTERNATIONAL S.p.A. Learn More
  • Wood-covered Keyboard

    Optional wood-covered keyboard. Learn More
  • Wooden Drawstops

    Optional wooden Drawstops for Classic organs. Learn More
  • Drive Action bench

    Adjustable organ bench Learn More
  • Bench for Cantorum V and VI

    Bench for Cantorum V and VI. Learn More
  • Expression Pedal for Cantorum V and VI

    Expression Pedal for Cantorum V and VI

    Expression Pedal for Cantorum V and VI. Learn More
  •  Remote Control for Unico and Sonus Organs

    Remote Control for Unico and Sonus Organs

    Optional Remote Control for UNICO and SONUS organs series. This user friendly Radio remote control can be used to control the sequencer function of the organ. Use this remote to play a MIDI track, move through the playlists, adjust the active stops of a track and much more, even 50 metres away from the organ. Equipped with a 2x16 characters display, allows you to control the running track at any time. Learn More
  • Physis The Editor

    Physis The Editor

    Physis-The Editor is an excellent software tool for Physis Organs editing.
    It allows the finest finishing and personalization like stop by stop, note by note volume and pitch regulation, 
    stop disposition, internal and external routing, and all you need to make Your Organ "Like No Other".
    Here you can download the latest available release, or a DEMO version of the software package. 
    Who is interested in purchasing "Physis - The Editor" may request information (costs, how to get it) by sending 
    an email to:

    Learn More
  • Pedalboard - 32 Radiating Concave - U

    Pedalboard - 32 Radiating Concave - U

    Avaible in real wood veneer in Dark, Light or Medium to match any Viscount organ.

    Learn More
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