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Cantorum VI

A portable 61 key organ for classical music with programmable two manual and pedal mode for real organ performances, all at a great budget price! The interface is very simple to use. All samples are stereo, and the deeper and higher pitches are localized in the sonic spectrum so to simulate a real pipe configuration. The sound quality is excellent due to the special double material cabinet, in synthetic material and real wood. There is a ‘split’ function and four organ styles (Baroque, Symphonic and Romantic) with independent voice volume regulation. The keyboard is made with an exclusive technology, that simulates the tracker touch of a real pipe organ.

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Register Control Tilt Tab
Internal Amplification 2x 22W
Speakers 2x5" full range (bass reflex system)
Orchestral Sounds Grand Piano - Strings 1 - Strings 2 - Choir 1 - Choir 2 - Harpsichord - Harp - Celesta - Chimes
Orchestral Voices  2
Total Voices 21 classic , 8 orchestral
Styles Baroque1 - Baroque2 - Romantic - Symphonic
Reverb with slider to adjust effect intensity
Tremulant Speed and Depth adjustable
Temperaments Equal; Meantone; Werkmeister; Kirnberger; Pythagorean
General Pistons 12 organized in 2 memory banks
Volume Controls Master Volume - Balance between Bass-Man.I/Man.II - Reverb
Additional Controls Split (set point) - Man.I Octave Up & Man.II Octave Down - Organ Style - track 1&2 Rec, Start/Stop
Transposer +3/-3 semitoni
Pitch -100/+100 Cent/Semitone
Split Programmable
Demo 6 Demo songs
Midi In - Out - Thru
Rear Panel Pitch - Headphones - 2 Outputs (L/R) - Expr.Pedal input - MIDI - Mains in
Cabinet Features dark wood finished
Optional Stand with expression pedal
Dimensions (WxHxD) cm 97,5 x 13 x 36 - 38.38" x 5.11" x 14.17"
Weight Kg 14 / Lbs 30,86