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Cantorum VI Plus

A portable 61 key organ for classical music with programmable two manual and pedal mode for real organ performances, all at a great budget price! The interface is very simple to use. All samples are stereo, and the deeper and higher pitches are localized in the sonic spectrum so to simulate a real pipe configuration. The sound quality is excellent due to the special double material cabinet, in synthetic material and real wood. There is a ‘split’ function and four organ styles (Baroque, Symphonic and Romantic) with independent voice volume regulation. The keyboard is made with an exclusive technology, that simulates the tracker touch of a real pipe organ.

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The new Cantorum VI Plus is the best combination of the previous winner product Cantorum VI, highly appreciated for its features, the light weight and the affordable price with the state of the art of software and hardware technology. 

Here there is the impressive list showing the numerous improvements of the new Cantorum VI Plus in comparison to the current Cantorum VI.


  • Sample memory: from 16 MB to 42 MB.
  • Sampling frequency: from 32kHz to 46kHz.
  • Polyphony: from 128 to 192 notes.
  • Organ Voices: from 29 to 84 ( The new voices has been selected from the Chorum line high accuracy library). Everyone of the four Styles is made with his own set of 21 dedicated stops, therefore the instrument is provided with a total of 84 organs stops.  
  • Orchestral voices: from 9 to 14 ( added: Clarinet, Oboe, Trumpet, Flute and Pan Flute; improved the others voices)
  • Temperament: from 5 to 7.


  • Internal library with 61 classic songs comprising some for wedding ceremonies. Additional banks of 61 songs can be selected from USB Pen Drive
  • USB Host that allows to load or save additional songs, memories and update instrument firmware.
  • USB device that allows MIDI USB 1 IN/1 OUT for PC.
  • Digital equalization able to compensate the electroacoustic system irregularities.
  • Layer function for MANUAL I and MANUAL II.
  • Possibility to save 6 memory banks, on internal memory plus other 6 external USB pen drive. Each Bank contains 12 memories (6x2)


  • The piano, harp and bells sounds have been completely renewed.
  • New accurate Reverb effect.
  • 6 new demo songs.
  • Dramatic improvment of the overall instrument sound quality that you can feel immediately as soon you will start to play.



_____SPECIFICATIONS (Available=●)


Technology ARTEM technology
Manuals 61 keys
Keyboard Midi Velocity
Polyphony 192
Register Control Tilt Tab
Internal Amplification 2 x 25W
Speakers 2 x 5" full range (bass reflex system)


Pedal 3: Prinzipal 16' - Oktave 8' - Posaune 16'
Manual I 7: Gamba 8' - Bourdon 8' - Vox Celeste 8' - Offenflöte 4' - Nasard 2 2/3' - Zimbel III - Trompete 8'
Manual II 11: Prinzipal 16' - Prinzipal 8' - Rohrflöte 8' - Oktave 4' - Spitzflöte 4' - Nasard 2 2/3' - Superoctave 2' - Terz 1 3/5' - Mixtur IV - Trompete 8' - Oboe 8'
Orchestral Sounds Grand Piano - Strings 1 - Strings 2 - Choir 1 - Choir 2 - Harpsichord - Harp - Celesta - Chimes - Clarinet - Oboe - Trumpet - Flute - Pan flute
Orchestral Voices  14
Total Voices 21 classic , 8 orchestral
Styles Baroque1 - Baroque2 - Romantic - Symphonic
Reverb with slider to adjust effect intensity
Tremulant Speed and Depth adjustable
Temperaments Equal; Meantone; Werkmeister; Kirnberger; Pythagorean


General Pistons 12 organized in 2 memory banks
Volume Controls Master Volume - Balance between Bass-Man.I/Man.II - Reverb
Additional Controls Split (set point) - Man.I Octave Up & Man.II Octave Down - Organ Style - track 1&2 Rec, Start/Stop
Sequencer Rec - Start/Stop - Memory Selector (USB/INTERNAL)
Transposer +3/-3 semitone
Pitch -100/+100 Cent/Semitone
Split Programmable
Song Library 61 classic songs including some for wedding ceremonies
Demo 6 Demo songs


Midi In - Out - Thru
Audio Output R,L/Mono
Phone Output
USB for Pen Drive
Rear Panel Pitch - Headphones - 2 Outputs (L/R) - Expr.Pedal input - MIDI - Mains in


Optional Stand with expression pedal
Dimensions (WxHxD) cm 97,5 x 13 x 36 - 38.38" x 5.11" x 14.17"
Weight Kg 14,5 / Lbs 31,96